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Here is some of the best engraving that I have encountered; arranged by maker.

Besson & Co. Cornet / c.1885

Besson & Co. Cornet / #75991 / c.1903 / Sold by Fischer but which company did the engraving?

Besson & Co.

Besson & Co.

Besson & Co. Cornet

Besson & Co. Trumpet / #105184 / c.1920 / This very patriotic engraving was probably done by Carl Fischer in New York and even includes a Lincoln portrait! (author's collection)

Boosey & Co Eb Cornet c.1880

Boston Musical Instrument Co. Schmidt Cornet (Robb Stewart photo)

Boston Cornet c.1905 (Robb Stewart photo)

Boston Musical Instrument Company / Boss-Tone Trumpet / #22412 / c.1920 (author's collection)

Buescher Model 9 Trumpet c.1925

Buescher Model 9 Trumpet

Conn Wonder Cornet / #32900 / c.1891 / I have seen a few Conns with nice engraving but never one this fine. Even the water key is engraved. (author's collection)

C. G. Conn Cornet / #450xx / c.1893

Conn Engraved Cornet 1893

1898 Conn New York Wonder Cornet (author's photo)

Conn New York Wonder Cornet

C. G. Conn Cornet for Liberati / c.1915 (Robb Stewart photo)

Conn Trombone model 4H / c.1922 (auction photo)

1927 Conn 2B Trumpet (auction photo)

Conn Trumpet 2B Bell Engraving

1928 Conn 2B Trumpet (auction photo)

1928 Conn 2B Trumpet bell engraving

Conn Trumpet model 2B (auction photo)

Courtois Arbuckle Cornet (Robb Stewart photo)

E. A. Couturier Conical Bore Trumpet / #3648 / c.1919 / fully engraved & gold plated (author)

Carl Fischer Cornet / c.1895 / This is a Bohland & Fuchs cornet with engraving probably added by Fischer. They must have had some great artists there at the time. (author's photo)

Higham Cornet / #34033 / c.1882 (auction photo)

Harry B. Jay Columbia Trumpet #7456 c.1925 (author's collection)

Brua C. Keefer Cornet / #6660 / c.1918 / engraving by Charles Otto

Brua Keefer Trumpet c.1926 / engraving by Charles Otto

Keefer Trumpet Engraving

Keefer - Williams Trumpet c.1928

Keefer Williams trumpet engraving

1941 King Silver Tone Master cornet with Deluxe engraving

King Cornet Engraving

King Cornet Engraving

King Engraving Lady face

King Silvertone Trombone

S. R. Leland & Son / Eclipse Cornet / #552 & 840 / c.1895 / The first Eclipse brass from the 1880s had this ivy design but only on the bell. This one takes it to the max and must have been made for a very special customer. The double serial number would indicate some modifications done a few years later. (author's collection)

Martin Handcraft Dansant Trumpet / Elkhart, IN / #98743 c.1930 (author's photos)

1931 Martin Handcraft Troubadour Trumpet / Elkhart

Martin Magna Trumpet / Elkhart, IN / 1963

Martin Magna Trumpet 1963

George McFadden Cornet / Syracuse, NY / 1876 Exhibition model (Robb Stewart photos)

Two Missenharter cornets / New York City (

Missenharter cornet

Missenharter Cornet Snake

J. W. Pepper Premier model Cornet / #8854 / c.1894 (author's collection)

Reynolds Cornet c.1936 (auction photo)

Reynolds Professional Trumpet c.1948 / Sterling silver bell (author's collection)

Reynolds Sterling Bell Engraving trumpet

Reynolds Contempora French Horn

E. G. Wright Keyed Bugle (Robb Stewart photo)

Unmarked Cornet / Who would not mark this masterpiece? Three color engraving with silver, gold, and purple. (auction photos)