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The Upper Hudson River Railroad Begins
Operation, October 17th, 1998   

North Creek News Enterprise, 10/15/98

"Tourist Train To Begin Operation This Weekend"

  "An engine and cars will arrive later this week and be ready for weekend operations.  The initial train will consist of an RS36 engine, two passenger cars and a caboose.  Some estimate that as many as 60,000 may ride annually."


  Actual ridership has been closer to 20,000 but it's great to see trains running again in North Creek.  The tourist train contract was awarded to Riegel & Sons and they have been running it since then.  Both North Creek and Riverside stations have been restored.  Most of the old railroad buildings at North Creek have been restored and the WWII era turntable is now operational.
  The current ride is between the two stations with an occasional longer run further south.  Warren County has plans for other stops south of Riverside but nothing has been started on them yet.  See the links page for more information on the Upper Hudson River Railroad and Warren County's plan.
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North Creek train
train at north creek station
train at north creek
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