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The 1930's Ski Trains to North Creek   

  The 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid inspired a number of North Creek locals to build ski trails in their area.  The first rope tows in the state were put in using a revolving drum hooked to a Ford V-8 engine.
 On March 4, 1934, the first Delaware & Hudson ski train from Schenectady came to North Creek with 378 skiers.  Local busses and trucks were put into service to carry passengers to the higher trails and local homes were used for boarding houses.
  By 1936, trains were coming from New York City as well.  These continued into the 1940's and the last article I can find in the local paper is from January, 1942 with 500 skiers aboard.

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ski train 1
ski train 2
ski train 3
ski train 4
ski train 5
ski train 6
ski train 7
ski train 8
ski train 9