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The Dugway & Washburn's Eddy

  North of The Glen there is an area once referred to as The Dugway.  A man named Elmer Harrington kept watch over this area for the D&H for 47 years, retiring in 1937.  This was an area that was prone to washouts on the track and Mr. Harrington spent enough time there that the D&H built a shanty next to the tracks.  This was just south of the Mill Creek bridge where there was a siding used to load pulp wood.
  Washburn's Eddy is a bend in the Hudson River just south of the Dugway and where Anderson Creek empties into the Hudson. This was the scene of the failed suspension bridge mentioned below.

Dugway Work Crew Work Crew photo - c.1900
Shanty photos

Shanty Photos at the Dugway

Gilchirsts Bridge Gilchrist's Bridge at Washburn's Eddy
Dugway history

History of the Dugway
and Washburn's Eddy