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Paper Mill - Corinth, NY

  The paper mill at Corinth was first built in 1869 by Pagenstecher & Associates and was called The Hudson River Pulp & Paper Co.  In 1898, it became one of 17 mills which formed International Paper.  The plant began closing in November of 2002 and Philmet bought the site in 2005.  Various plans have been talked about for the mill, mostly with local opposition.
  Any information and photos you may have about this mill are welcome.

Adirondack branch map
1: Aerial View from c.1964
2: Trestle over Stream
3: Street Overpass
4: Aerial View from c.1950
5: IP Office
6: Pulp Yard Views
7: Hudson River Dam & Tower
8: Mill Photos
IP Mill at Corinth
      Hudson River Mill Project Website