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Cornelius E. Durkee
Adirondack Railway Superintendent
& General Agent c.1872 - 1897

  Cornelius Durkee was born on May 22, 1837 and moved to Saratoga Springs in 1849. 
  The earliest recorded date that I have for him working for the Adirondack Railway is from 1871.  He is sometimes listed as the Superintendent and other times as General Agent.  The New York State Library has a book of short letters he wrote as part of his work as Agent and they have provided me with alot of information for the 1870's to 1880's period.
  In 1885, locomotive No.3 was renumbered 6 and given the name "C.E. Durkee" in his honor.
 On December 5th, 1897, he was appointed as Baggage Agent for the Delaware & Hudson Railroad and ended his career with the Adirondack Railway.  At this time though, the D&H owned the Adirondack so he may have continued working in Saratoga.
  He lived at 505 North Broadway in Saratoga Springs and was an avid historian and geneologist of the area.