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Riverside Station Workers - 1932

  This is a sample of the luggage handled by the crew at Riverside on a busy summer day.  A news report from 1919 told that this station handled up to 300 passengers and 400 trunks on a busy day in the summer due to the many camps in the area.  The station usually had 3-5 employees which included an agent/telegrapher, ticket agent, express agent, freight agent and one or two helpers.
  The crew pictured here from the left are Gerald Wakeley, Earnest Filkins, Leslie Drury, ?, Charles Clingman Sr. (station agent), Charles Jr. and possibly Frederick Wells.  Charles Clingman Sr. received the President's Pass from the D&H in 1933 for forty years of service.  He became the Riverside Station agent in 1910 and continued until his death in 1953.  He lived in a house across the tracks from the station and even had a telegraph line run there for after hours messages.

Riverside Station Crew

Phillip Smith Collection both

  The crew pictured below from about the same time is, from left, Charles Clingman Sr., Clifford Raymond, Charles Clingman Jr., Les Drury, Harry Vandusen, Gerald Wakeley, ? and Reginald Raymond.